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Explore, Armed with Needle and Twine

Waiting Is Done

Waiting Is Done

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Tree Genome
On a very different note from yesterday's post, we're searching for apartments on Monday and I packed the rest of the books this morning.

Yes, Just'In got a new job. After eight months of waiting and working and jumping in crazy circles as his cheerleading squad, we finally feel like we can move forward. We're both a little happier and a little more light-hearted.

We'll be moving in December, but at least we're finally going. He gets a more stable schedule and a little bigger paycheck. I get another place to decorate, though it still means I can't paint with saffron-orange and bright aquarium teal and butter yellow. Now I feel like I can wish for an apartment with a more interesting architectural layout-- maybe a loft apartment or one with a funny door. Or maybe some big, bright windows or a street view. Or a working fireplace. The post on what I've grown to love about this apartment is forthcoming.

Hope is renewed.
  • "saffron-orange and bright aquarium teal and butter yellow"


    Have you seen The Darjeeling Limited? It's a pretty good movie, but I love it for the colors alone. The colors, my goodness, the colors!
    • No, I've never seen it.

      But yes. I have very bright dreams of bold colors. Right now, my bedroom will be saffron orange and my dining room will be butter yellow. My living room will be either navy blue or a gorgeous, silky grey.

      When we've got the money, we'll do themed rooms: our entertainment room will be The Cave-- black or dark grey or brown or all of those with fire torches on the walls. J has grand dreams for our living room-- he wants it forest themed. Wood panels on the walls for trees and skylights with leaves over them. Meanwhile, I love the colors: our car is bright Kermit green and I have gorgeous orangy-yellow curtains.
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